COVID-19 and You

Travel is what we do. Travel is what we love. In the past two weeks we have been upended with phone calls, emails, messages, and voicemails in regards to travel. Whether it’s booked travel, future travel, or our service to you and how we are here to help you cope with the COVID-19 pandemic and your travel plans.

We are ALWAYS here for our clients. We hope that we have been efficient in the past few weeks. It takes a lot of time to contact each client needing assistance. Thank you for your patience, and please reach out if you need anything!

We are here to help decipher everything that is going on in regards to travel during this most trying time in our history. After reading, please feel free to reach out to us with any additional questions or concerns. It is our job to personally contact our clients with upcoming trips, and we have already started that process. If you have future travel booked with us, please know that we WILL reach out to you in due time.

What we are doing for our clients with upcoming trips:

  • We have many clients that have purchased travel insurance – YES! These clients will have the best news in regards to credits, refunds, and rescheduling. If you did purchase trip insurance, you can also choose to cancel your trip and receive a refund back minus the cost of insurance and a $100 per person cancellation fee.
  • If you are leaving the country for travel, it is not guaranteed that you will be allowed to reenter at this time. Also, there are certain countries that the US will not allow its citizens to travel to at this point in time. We are at a Level 4 advisory; meaning, do not travel. Even domestic travel is highly discouraged. Discouraged, but not impossible. Additional screenings are happening at the airports.
  • There is no timeline for any of the bans and restrictions or the recommendations. Every single day we are tuning in to listen to the updates and checking our emails from our travel advisory partners to better be informed. Please know that we are monitoring the global situation and we will be contacting you if you are a client of ours with a trip in the books. We are trying our best to stay positive and motivated for the future. We’ve never been happier to have all of the memories and pictures of all the places we’ve been! Being told to say home has only made us want to explore this globe even more!

Stay home. Stay healthy. Keep up with us on social media for updates and some fun posts. After all, humor is one of the best therapies! Of course, keep dreaming of your next trip too!!

You can find all travel updates and advisories on the United States’ Department of State website.

📸 Tree photo by Alex Plesovskich on Unsplash

As owner of Destination Travel with over 25 years in the travel industry and six continents visited, I truly believe my job as a Travel Specialist is to make your life easier!